Links to the Top 100 list of the best albums of all time! I've made two versions. Both were made of lists published by magazines, newspapers and sites on the internet. From these top 100 lists I gave the number 1 100 points, number 2 99 points and so on to number 100 1 point. (Except for top50's: number 1 50 points and so on). One list is made up out of the total points in all the lists. The other one is made up out of the total point divided by the number of lists it could have been on. Why? Because an album like OK Computer by Radiohead could not be in a list from 1995. A Top 50 list also counts for 0,5 lists.
  • High-Level Syrian-Israeli Talks Ending Deadlocked
  • U.S. Army Head in Korea to Probe Massacre Reports
  • Russia Loses 26 Killed in Day of Chechnya Fighting
  • [more news]
  • Torrid Brandon, Timberwolves Strafe 76ers
  • Woods Wins Season Opener in Playoff With Els
  • Carolina Hurricanes Blank New York Rangers
  • [more news]
  • Primus Will Buy for $90 Million in Stock
  • IBM to Rally Around Linux for Future Computers
  • [more news]
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